Socratic dialogue responses

1. A Socratic dialogue is about finding the truth through questioning and discussion. It involves discussing your views and trying to understand them. Rather than simply persuading your opponent to your point of view a Socratic dialogue is more about understanding each other’s ideas.

2. A good question in which to begin a Socratic dialog is something simple and one that holds no opinion.

3. The stages of a good Socratic dialogue

Naming the topic

Define the key words used

Logical discussion

Have a better understanding to the topic and perhaps come to a conclusion.

4. The Socratic Method strives to gain the truth whereas the sophists were more towards self gain and weather it came honestly or through deception it didn’t matter. This means that rather than trying to get a better understanding of the topic the sophist were a lot pervasive and gained power through deception and betrayal

Socrates and Plato were opposed to the techniques of the sophists because it went against everything that was the Socratic method.

I, personally think the sophist were a lot smarter as they made up the truth rather than just trying to find it.

 5. I’m not sure. I think most arguments I have are for self gain rather than trying to find the truth so the Socratic dialogue won’t help me much. E.g. If I want to go out with friends I try to persuade my parents to let me go, not try to find the truth. The truth is probably that I should stay at home so I can study, do my homework and get a good job when I’m older, which would be better in the long run but I’m not really thinking about that right now.

6. I think that a Socratic dialogue could assist us to reach the truth but the truth can be a lot of things and some people have very strong opinions. A Socratic dialogue will give them a better understanding of the topic and even though it might not change their views, with that better understanding they will probably be closer to the truth.

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